Complex revisions, tumours, and deformities are just some of the reasons that a surgeon may look for a custom solution, which fall outside standardised sizing conventions.

Signature Orthopaedics can provide custom prosthesis by utilising the latest in CT imaging software, turning scans into actionable CAD models. The inclusive design phase relies on input from the surgeon, and experience from our team of designers and production staff. 3D metal printing, CNC machining from exotic metals or engineering plastics, and a range of porous coatings (including HA/Ag); Signature Orthopaedics is leading the way with what is possible in custom devices.

Offering a designated design team, in­-house CNC machining, Nylon printing, cleaning/packaging and sterilisation, we are able to shorten lead times and provide rapid results. A standardised 6 week lead time from design sign off, will give the surgeon confidence in planning.

Delivering a unique solution every time.