Fusion Taper System

The Fusion Taper System introduces the Fusion trunnion which is longer in length than Signatures’ current taper system, increasing the head-sleeve contact area by 40%. The increased contact area and length is intended to strengthen the head-sleeve-stem connections, which will reduce micromovement at these interfaces and hence minimize the risk of fretting corrosion. The stem’s trunnion also has a smoother finish than most traditional tapers, encouraging cold welding to occur between the stem’s trunnion and taper sleeve of identical materials, also contributing to minimizing fretting corrosion.

The Fusion™ Taper System consists of modular femoral heads and taper sleeves. The Fusion™ Taper Sleeve is manufactured from Ti6Al4V as per ISO 5832-3. The Fusion™ Ceramic Head is manufactured from an alumina matrix as per ISO 6474-2. All Fusion™ Heads are intended for total hip arthroplasty. The Fusion™ Heads connect to the femoral stem via a Fusion™ Taper Sleeve which has a 12/14 inner taper and 16/18 outer taper. Signature Orthopaedics Fusion™ Taper System is indicated for use with Signature Ti6Al4V femoral stems, Signature acetabular cups and liners.

The Fusion™ Taper System has an optimized instrument set intended to reduce the number of trials, overall number of instruments, and minimize the size and weight of the instrument tray. This is achieved by having modular components of head and sleeves for a complete head offset range of configurations from -4mm to +8mm without compromising the taper connection.