Published data has indicated that approximately 30% of arthritic shoulders will have glenoid retroversion that should be corrected for maximum longevity of an implanted glenoid component as part of an anatomical total shoulder arthroplasty.

Options to correct such retroversion include eccentric reaming and bone grafting or to perform a reverse shoulder arthroplasty. There are several augmented glenoid components available, but the results have been variably documented and outcomes have been unpredictable.

Signature Orthopaedics has developed a solution for glenoid retroversion in shoulder arthritis – a wedge shaped porous ingrowth augment to correct version and allow anatomical arthroplasty in the optimal version.

Porous metal, designed as an ingrowth deformity correction device, has a long and very successful history in the lower limb – and has now been adapted to a similar role in the shoulder. Long term prospective study has confirmed the efficacy of the porous metal wedge to address glenoid retroversion as part of an anatomical total shoulder arthroplasty.

The utility of the Porous Metal Glenoid Augment (PMGA) is the extent of correction possible and that it can be combined with a variety of standard existing glenoid components to address glenoid retroversion.

Signature Orthopaedics has worked with various shoulder arthroplasty vendors to ensure the wedge shape and profile matches their glenoid components. The prothesis vendors do not endorse, recommend, or take responsibility if their glenoid component is combined with the Signature Wedges (PMGA) but they have supplied Signature Orthopaedics with the specification to ensure the wedge matches their device.

The PMGA inventory currently covers matching wedges for a wide range of orthopedic devices.

The PMGA wedged glenoid augment are available in a 15- or 30-degree angle correction, and in a range of sizes to suite the matching glenoid component.

The PMGA is supplied with:

  • Glenoid alignment guide
  • Surface correction burr and burr guide
  • Trial implants
  • Fixation Screws and depth gauge

The PMGA must be ordered – independent of the primary arthroplasty supplier. The arthroplasty vendor product representative may be able to assist during the procedure, but is not able to arrange the supply of the PMGA.

It is the surgeon’s responsibility to separately arrange contact with Signature Orthopaedics to place the order.

Please allow for a supply lead time of two weeks.

To order the PMGA, contact Signature Orthopaedics.