World® Acetabular Cup

The Signature Orthopaedics’ World® Acetabular Cups are metal backed cementless acetabular cups, with the same aggressive Griptanium X10™ coating as the popular Logical™ cup.  Highly cross-linked polyethylene liners and which accept a Ø32mm femoral head in a Ø46mm shell, and a Ø36mm head in the Ø50mm shell, which is inline with the most advanced systems on the market.

The cup is manufactured from Ti6Al6V alloy per ASTM F136 and porous coated with Griptanium X10™ technologies intended to promote biomechanical cementless fixation. The cups are available from 46mm to 64mm in a three hole configuration, which allows use of supplemental bone screws for supplemental fixation and to accommodate for varying patient anatomy. The World® Acetabular Cups are compatible with World® Liners, available in neutral, 10° hooded and 20° hooded.